Jenin & Vicinity

Palestine's most northern city in the West Bank is an ideal base to discover Palestine's beautiful north!

Located at the foot of the northern Palestinian mountain range, not  far from the fertile Jezreel Valley, Jenin is the most northern Palestinian city in the West Bank and famous for its incomparable fresh and tasty fruits and vegetables.

In addition to a visit of Jenin’s city center, numerous sites in its vicinity await exploration: Arraba — a tiny village famous for its Ottoman Palaces of the Abd al-Hadi family; Tel Dothan, a so-far barely excavated ancient settlement, where Joseph was supposedly sold to Egypt by his brothers; or Bal’ama tunnel, an ancient water system comparable to Hezekiah’s tunnel in Jerusalem.

Yet, by far the most important site in Jenin’s vicinity is the picturesque village of Burqin, famous not only for its handmade olive oil soap, but also for hosting one of the oldest churches in the world: the Greek Orthodox St George’s Church, biblically known as the Church of the Ten Lepers.

Since Jenin and its vicinity have been fairly untouched by tourism, it is ideal for a thorough experience of an authentic oriental Palestine.

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