Mosaic Centre Jericho

Mosaic Centre Jericho aims at preserving and passing on the ancient tradition of Palestinian mosaic art

Jericho is  the home-base of the project of Mosaic Centre in Palestine. Just a few minutes’ drive from world-renowned sites like the Mt. of Temptation, Tel es-Sultan (ancient Jericho), and Hisham’s Palace, Mosaic Centre Jericho is located in a traditional mud-brick building with a beautiful terrace and garden.

We believe that cultural heritage is a fundamental human right that should be protected everywhere in the world. In Palestine many factors jeopardise this right, but we are strongly committed to making it available to the Palestinian local people.

Mosaic art holds a significant place in Palestinian cultural history. We revive this tradition through our work in conservation and through our own in-house mosaic production. Come and discover the story of Palestine through mosaics!

At our centre, we offer a number of activities and events for locals and international visitors, such like mosaic courses, lectures on mosaics in Palestine, meetings with local artists, as well as numerous activities in Jericho and its vicinity: Bicycle rent, guided tours, or desert hikes.

Also, don’t miss our handicraft & souvenir shop!


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