Nisf Jubeil Kitchen

Authentic Palestinian Culinary Delights

Eat & Enjoy like a Local!

Nisf Jubeil Kitchen is the latest addition to our projects in northern Palestine. After intensive renovation and rehabilitation of the building next to the Mosaic Guest House Nisf Jubeil and the Ceramic Laboratory, the kitchen opened in summer 2018.

Upon request, we offer wide variety of Palestinian traditional meals and dishes for individuals, small and large groups – locals and international visitors.

Nisf Jubeil Kitchen is open also for events and special occasions. Come and enjoy truly Palestinian food in a lovely authentic environment, whether for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

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Nisf Jubeil
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Opening Times

Nisf Jubeil Kitchen is open upon request. Send us an email!


Prices vary according to the selection of dishes and vary from 75 to 120 NIS per person and are subject to group size and e.g. selection of appetizers and/or desert.

Light beverages (soft drinks, water, coffee) and sweets or fruits are always included.