A quiet getaway into archeology and nature - truly Palestinian and hospitable!

Once a regional capital in the Late Iron Age, Sebastia is a hidden gem, peacefully sitting on the scenic slopes of the Nablus Hills.

Sebastia’s majestic Hellenistic fortification towers overlook imposing steps leading up to a former Temple of Zeus, and invite visitors to unravel thousands of years of history — among them, the city’s past, when it was called Samaria, the tomb of St. John the Baptist, and the 12th century CE Crusader’s church, now a mosque.

Indulge yourself with authentic Palestinian hospitality and lodge comfortably in one of the boutique guesthouses. Enjoy your morning tea on a sun-drenched terrace and let the magnificent views of the surrounding rich olive groves and lush farmlands tempt you to various outdoor activities including hikes and donkey rides.

Sebastia’s rich history and ample nature present an archeological and spiritual highlight in Palestine and a perfect off-the-beatentrack destination.

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